In this update, I have focused more on the internal progress at Parker Street, please see below.

The above images show the new windows on site due to be fitted and fitted. The new double-glazed windows are framed in a dark aluminium frame, closely matching the original window frame style.

The images above show the stripped back original steel girders you will also see the aluminium frames for the studded walls.

From the image above you can see the internal metal frame stud partition being erected ready for insulation and plaster boarding to form the individual units.

This image above shows the insulation rolls and plasterboard. You will see a wall in the background taking shape.

This image to the left shows an entrance doorway to an apartment taking shape. You will also see electrical work is also underway, windows fitted.

Parker Street External Images

The above image shows the roof steel stillage almost complete for the 6th & 7th Floors.

These images show the external lift, and staircase used by the construction team. This wraps the entire site. From here the metal stud work, insulation and plaster board is taken to each floor.