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Roof above 5th Floor Parker Street April 2017 (Above)
View of 5th Floor, old water tanks removed and preparation, and steel works being laid for additional 6th and 7th Floors underway.

Steelworks being prepared in for addition floors 6 and 7. (Above)

5th Floor Parker Street (above).
You will see from the above picture original roof cleared away, which included old water tanks. Steel frame now being erected for the additional floors.

5th Floor (Above image)
View from 5th floor additional work still to be carried out. Markings made out in preparation of this.

Parker Street 4th Floor (Above image)
Fourth floor stripped right back, preparation work for insulation and boarding.

Parker Street 4th Floor (Above image)
Boxing in of steel works, and insulation works being carried out on the fourth floor. Partition frames also being erected prior to insulation and plasterboard work.

Parker Street 3rd Floor (Above image)
Further removal of old flooring and plasterwork from the walls, to expose brickwork beneath.

Parker Street 3rd Floor (Above Image)
Further preparation work and stripping out on the 3rd Floor.

Parker Street Second Floor (Above image)
Work to strip out the lower floors continues, rubble chute is to the right of the image.